$222.00 USD

Start Crushing it with Tech

Attn: Aspiring Tech Superstars

Turn your tech confusion into confidence and start crushing your tech (in 1 hour) WITHOUT wasting time trailing a tonne of tools.

(We can work together even if you're a non-techie, don't know about AI, and have never setup a system before).

Did you know, on average most people only use 40% or less of their current tech stack, let alone NEW tools. Some even lose weeks of time setting up tech they NEVER use!

Here's the problem you face: There's now so much tech available it's impossible to make smart decisions on what to use.

Which means you might never escape the 97 spreadsheets and the mindless admin that consumes most of your precious time.

Luckily for you, there's now a solution. Let me introduce you to my 1:1 tech coaching sessions. 

If you're:

  • Worried you're spending too much on tech and not getting the value you want.
  • Frustrated you're not getting the results from AI that you want
  • Struggling to decide what tech can take you and your team to the next level
  • Wasting precious time on admin that you know could be automated
  • Unsure how to get your team to adopt AI and start using it in better ways
  • Scared about data security and how new tech leaves you vulnerable

We can:

  • How to optimise your current tech - So you can do more, without spending more money.
  • How to write better prompts - So you can use AI as a second brain and make your tasks easier.
  • How to select new tech - So you can avoid decisions fatigue finding the best tools.
  • How to use automation - So you can free up time to create more value.
  • How to increase AI adoption - So you can enhance the productivity of your entire team.
  • How to protect your data - So you can use AI in a safe and secure way.

Why should you listen to me?

I'm Adam Shilton, and I've spent almost 10 years working with technology.

I have:

  • Helped 100s of finance pros make smart tech decisions
  • Successfully implemented complex systems in a tonne of businesses
  • Trialled and tested 100s of different tools (so you can learn from my mistakes)
  • Built a following of 23,5k amazing people on LinkedIn
  • I'm been recognised as a LinkedIn Top Voice
  • Collaborated with finance heavyweights from companies including, Thales, Kraft Heinz, PepsiCo and The Economist
  • I'm a Gartner Peer Community Ambassador for Finance

How does it work? [3 easy steps]

  1. Login to you account once you've checked out.
  2. Go into your coaching product, and add agenda items, notes and upload resources to ensure everything you want to discuss gets covered.
  3. Hot the 'Schedule' button to book a time to suit us both.

Got a specific question? Just e-mail me:

[email protected]


If you're not 100% satisfied with our session, I will refund your money within 7 days.


Every one of my coaching clients will get free lifetime access to my upcoming AI & Automation Academy.

P.S - My rate is $333 an hour. $222 is a 'buy it now before it's gone' offer. So act fast!

What People Are Saying:

I crossed paths with Adam on LinkedIn, & it was immediately obvious that he was a kindred spirit - a systems thinker with a strong understanding of finance ops and our associated challenges. Adam's advice was hugely valuable during our recent selection exercise. He has a wealth of knowledge of multiple market-leading systems, and his USP as a consultant was that he viewed the challenge from our perspective, with the objective of helping us to arrive at the right answer for us, not to hard sell a particular technology. Adam is a pleasure to deal with, and I would recommend a call with him to anyone with system challenges to navigate.

Lynne Titley | FCCA | CertDIF | Finance Director | Governance Accountant