Beyond Benchmarks: Will Whizzy Tech Make You a Better Finance Team? - It's Not All About the Numbers | Ep.065

Episode #65

In this episode of "It's Not About the Numbers," hosts Chris and Mike, along with special co-host Adam Shilton, a trailblazer in AI finance, dive deep into the role of technology in enhancing finance team efficiency, regardless of their size or budget. The discussion spans the value of benchmarking tech use in finance, the impact of automation and advanced tools, and personal anecdotes from the hosts' lives, reflecting on changes and the pace of technological adoption. The episode uniquely blends professional insights with personal stories, emphasizing the importance of technology in finance without losing sight of the human elements. ------SHOW NOTES------ Subscribe to 'It's not all about the numbers' - ------CHAPTERS------ (00:01:48) - Sharing what's happening in AI news (00:03:09) - Adam detailing his background (00:07:26) - Recapping busy weeks and AI developments (00:08:41) - Comparing AI models Gemini and ChatGPT (00:12:28) - Explaining Microsoft's Copilot AI offering (00:17:15) - Adam explaining his fear of advanced AI (00:21:38) - Tracing Adam's early interest in technology (00:25:41) - Visualizing Adam's work as an AI producer (00:28:03) - Asking how Adam developed communication skills (00:31:46) - Recalling a pivotal public speaking experience (00:34:37) - Answering a question on benchmarking tech maturity (00:42:32) - Sharing good and bad data (00:49:55) - Providing links to connect with Adam P.S - Don’t forget to head over to and sign up to Framework Friday for 1 actionable tech framework you can use to stay ahead of the game.