Future AI Predictions: Autonomous Agents vs AGI - GrowCFO Show | Ep.062

In this replay of the GrowCFO show, host Kevin Appleby talks with returning guest Adam Shilton about how finance teams can use AI tools like ChatGPT. They discuss the different categories of AI tools - personal productivity enhancers, data/analytics, and enhancements to existing software. Adam outlines examples in each category, like using AI assistants for meeting notes and summaries. They also talk about the importance of simplifying and standardising processes before automation. Looking ahead, they predict increased autonomy of AI tools in 2024. Rather than just assisting, AI may be able to work towards defined outcomes with less ongoing prompting. Adam and Kevin agree that learning to frame effective prompts is an essential skill for getting the most out of AI. ------SHOW NOTES------- Check out the GrowCFO Show - https://www.growcfo.net/growcfo-show/ ------CHAPTERS------ Here are the chapters for the podcast transcript: (00:00:00) - Introduction (00:01:06) - Catching up since previous podcast (00:03:08) - Using AI tools like Otter and Fathom (00:05:09) - Explaining ChatGPT and how finance can use it (00:10:17) - Personal productivity uses for AI assistants (00:12:16) - Using AI for data analytics (00:13:22) - AI enhancements to existing software (00:14:21) - Reviewing key AI categories and applications (00:16:17) - Using AI to automate podcast production (00:18:22) - Importance of process optimization before automation (00:19:29) - Scheduling focus time with AI calendar tools (00:22:10) - AI meeting notes enable active listening (00:24:32) - Predicting increased AI autonomy in 2024 (00:26:00) - Challenges of prompting AI tools effectively (00:27:52) - AI may be able to work towards defined outcomes (00:29:45) - Limitations of existing autonomous AI tools (00:31:08) - Using specific AI bots for different tasks (00:32:28) - AI still needs clear instructions and outcomes (00:35:49) - Microsoft Copilot and other upcoming AI tools (00:38:00) - Potential costs and benefits of Microsoft Copilot (00:41:25) - Importance of process improvement before AI automation (00:43:03) - Real-world examples of process optimization (00:45:43) - AI image generation tools (00:47:22) - Framing effective questions and prompts (00:48:13) - Conclusion Check out the newsletter - https://newsletter.techforfinance.com/