Automating Excel: Demystifying VBA, Office Script, Power Query & Python - Mark Proctor | Ep.069

Join Microsoft MVP Mark Proctor and Adam Shitlon as they delve into powerful tools like VBA and Power Query, and how they can revolutionize your workflow, automating tedious tasks and streamlining processes.

In this insightful episode, Mark addresses the common misconception that VBA is a dated language and explores its potential resurgence with the advent of AI. He also introduces the Unix philosophy, a framework for building scalable and maintainable automations. Additionally, they dive into the capabilities of Power Query, a powerful tool for data transformation and management. Tune in to gain valuable insights and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of finance and technology.

------SHOW NOTES------

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- (00:00:00) - Mark discusses VBA's staying power within Excel
- (00:06:10) - Exploring the potential of AI to revive VBA
- (00:11:00) - Importance of data structure for effective automation
- (00:19:10) - Power Query: A game-changer for data transformation
- (00:26:50) - VBA vs. Office Scripts: Contrasting use cases
- (00:34:40) - Addressing concerns about VBA's perceived obsolescence
- (00:42:30) - Leveraging Power Query for data management
- (00:50:50) - The Unix philosophy: A framework for scalable automations
- (01:00:20) - Embracing a modular approach to automation
- (01:07:50) - Capturing ideas and staying productive on the go

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