Accounting Meets Art: How to Use Visuals as the Ultimate Productivity Tool - Mike Manalac | Ep.070

In this episode, Adam Shilton and Mike Manalac dive into the creative side of accounting and finance. Mike, an illustrator and accounting manager at Google, shares how he incorporates drawing and visuals into his work to enhance collaboration, problem-solving, and overall productivity. They discuss the power of visual thinking, the role of technology in enabling creativity, and the future of work in a hybrid environment. Mike also offers insights into his book "No Flux Given" and shares tips for job seekers in the accounting field. Tune in for an engaging conversation that challenges traditional notions of accounting and finance.

------SHOW NOTES------

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- (00:00:00) - Introduction and background on Mike Manalac
- (00:03:42) - Mike's passion for drawing and incorporating it into work
- (00:09:59) - Using virtual whiteboards for collaboration and visual thinking
- (00:19:02) - The power of visuals in engaging audiences
- (00:28:18) - Challenges and opportunities of hybrid work environments
- (00:38:04) - The future of work and the role of AI
- (00:48:00) - Mike's book "No Flux Given" and advice for job seekers
- (00:58:22) - The importance of creativity and automation in accounting
- (01:08:30) - Tools like Jeda AI for generating visuals
- (01:14:05) - Closing remarks and where to find Mike

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