AI Overwhelm: How to Keep Up in the Age of Furious Change - Dave Hartley | Ep.071

In the age of rapid technological change, keeping up with the latest tools and trends can feel overwhelming. Dave Hartley, a technologist turned CPA, shares his insights on how businesses and individuals can navigate the AI revolution without getting left behind. He discusses the challenges of change management and the importance of being intentional about adopting new technologies.

Dave also explores the generational gap in technology adoption, the potential impact of AI on the workforce, and the need for governance and risk management. He emphasizes the importance of finding the right balance between embracing innovation and ensuring security and accuracy. Whether you're a finance professional, a business leader, or simply someone interested in the future of work, this episode offers valuable perspectives on thriving in the age of furious change. Tune in for practical advice and thought-provoking insights.

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(00:00:00) - Intro: Change management challenges in the AI age
(00:03:22) - Being intentional about remote work and employee experience
(00:10:05) - Generational gap in technology adoption and AI acceptance
(00:18:48) - Balancing innovation with security and risk management
(00:27:49) - Pace of technological change and organizational readiness
(00:36:42) - Governance and validation in the AI era
(00:46:18) - Finding the right balance for AI adoption
(00:54:19) - Dave's favorite productivity tool

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