Power Automate: Turn Manual to Magnificent and Create Massive Value - Damien Bird | Ep.072

In this insightful episode, Adam welcomes Damien Bird, the Microsoft Cloud Architect and Power Automate Guru with over 10,000 YouTube followers. They dive deep into the world of Power Platform, demystifying the terminology and exploring the vast possibilities of Power Automate. From personal productivity hacks to enterprise-level automation, Damien shares his expertise on leveraging this powerful tool. He also provides valuable insights into the integration of AI and generative models like Copilot Studio. Get ready to unlock new levels of efficiency and streamline your workflows! 


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(00:00:00) - Intro and welcome to Tech for Finance podcast 
(00:00:34) - Introducing guest Damien Bird, Microsoft Cloud Architect 
(00:02:09) - Explaining Microsoft Power Platform terminology 
(00:05:12) - Getting started with Power Automate for personal productivity 
(00:10:48) - Discussion on Microsoft Copilot Studio and generative AI 
(00:19:18) - Examples of automating processes with Power Automate 
(00:25:58) - Suggestions for low-hanging fruit and quick wins with Power Automate 
(00:34:21) - Exploring Power Automate Desktop for personal productivity 
(00:38:06) - How to get started with Power Automate 
(00:44:13) - Using Process Advisor for process mining and automation opportunities 
(00:52:01) - Changing data formats and generating documents with Power Automate 
(01:00:26) - Keeping up with updates and changes in Power Platform 
(01:08:24) - Damien's favorite app: YouTube Studio 
(01:12:07) - Exploring AI apps and tools like Poe and Metaculus 
(01:20:22) - Closing comments and where to find Damien online