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Hosted by: Adam Shilton

Helping finance professionals leverage technology to level up their lives. Discussing the latest finance & tech trends from AI & automation, to data & analytics, to finance transformation. Welcoming...

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What AI CAN’T Do: The Human Side of FP&A - Martin Zych (Pt. 2) | Ep.061

Episode #61

More goodies at | Listen in as we navigate the intricate dance between AI and human intuition in the realm of financial forecasting and analysis. Together with my insightful guest Martin, we...
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Unlock the Power of Copilot’s AI Driven Data Insights - with GrowCFO | Ep.060

Episode #60

Join us on this journey as we explore the groundbreaking potential of Microsoft Co-pilot in the world of finance, likening its innovative impact to the advent of the first iPhone. With esteemed guests Oli Deacon,...
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Replacement & Redundancy: Rethinking Tech Enabled Business - This Week in Tech | Ep.059

Episode #59

Join us as we explore the ever-evolving intersection of technology and business models with our insightful guest, Dan Lawrence from Bots for that. This week, we're peering into the future with the Apple Vision Pro,...
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Excel vs FP&A Tool: Avoid the Same Pains Coming Back to Bite You - Martin Zych (Pt.1) | Ep.058

Episode #58

More goodies at | Unlock the secrets of technology's transformative power in financial planning with our latest episode where Martin Zych, Jirav's CEO, reveals how innovative tools are reshaping...
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AI-sourcing vs Out-sourcing: How to Solve Your Problems With Bots - Finance Master (Pt. 2) | Ep. 057

Episode #57

More goodies at | Listen in as we explore the dynamic intersection of artificial intelligence and finance, a domain that's rapidly evolving from its nascent stages of predictive analytics to the...
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How Wrong are You Willing to Be? Planning: Why 80% is good enough - Carl Seidman (Pt . 2) | Ep.056

Episode #56

Have you ever aimed for perfection in your financial plans, only to realize that 'good enough' might be the smarter target? Our latest episode peels back the layers of financial planning, showing that precision isn't...
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Deciding What Tech NOT to Use: On the Bleeding Edge of AI - Finance Master (Pt.1) | Ep.055

Episode #55

More goodies at | Have you ever wondered how the fast-paced world of finance technology shapes our understanding of numbers and narratives? Finance tech maven Adam Shilton joins us for an...
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Results Only Work Environment - AI vs Human: Does it Matter? This Week in Tech | Ep.054

Episode #54

More goodies at | Could AI herald the dawn of a new age in the finance world, or are we blindly empowering a future corporate juggernaut? Together with my colleague Daniel Lawrence, we pull back...
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The Trillion Dollar Question: Is There a Pain-free Shortcut to Mastery? - Carl Seidman (Pt. 1) | Ep.053

Episode #53

More goodies at | Join us on Tech for Finance as we engage with the esteemed Carl Seidman, a financial heavyweight, in a riveting conversation about the convergence of technology and mastery...
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AI is Lying to You: Don’t Let Biases Turn Your Work Into a Horror Film - Business Breaks (Pt. 2) | Ep.052

Episode #52

More goodies at | Listen in as we tackle the multifaceted challenges of AI, starting with its inherent biases that can skew results toward extremes. From an experiment that oscillates between...
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THE Crazy Fast Way Finance Can Create More Impact with Less Effort - Sasha Orloff (Pt.2) | Ep.051

Episode #49

More goodies at | Listen in as we explore the transformative power of AI and automation in the finance sector, where technology is changing the game. We're talking about a landscape where...
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AI Soft Skill Hacks for Exhausted Finance Pros (that even introverts can use) - Business Breaks (Pt. 1) | Ep.050

Episode #50

More goodies at | Join us on Business Breaks as we welcome the incredibly versatile Adam Shilton, who seamlessly transitions his symphony of skills from music to mastering the intricate world of...
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